Why Spacenets?

Spacenets is not your average web host. Our primary aims are top quality customer service, secure servers, and a stable uptime. Privacy is a first. Our terms expressly indicate that we will never sell, rent, or give out our customer details to third party under any circumstance. If you're still concerned about your privacy, you can buy domain privacy from us at a very low cost and be assured of being protected from prying eyes.

Prompt support is our priority. We hire qualified technicians and support staff to tend to your support related queries 24 hours a day. We guarantee a maximum response time of 24 hours to your tickets,although our usual average is less than an hour.

If support tickets are too slow for your query, you can use our live support. We have operators online ready to assist you live at least 12 hours everyday, sometimes extending to 24 hours a day. This guarantee on the spot resolution of minor issues and/or sales related queries.

About Us ...

Spacenets was originally known as "Hostm2", founded by a team of qualified server experts with the goal to provide quality and stable hosting solutions. Hostm2 has now been renamed to Spacenets; we believe Spacenets is a stronger brand and easier to remember.